Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I really need just one licence even in case that it will be used by 15 people in the company?

Answer: If these 15 people are your employees then yes, one licence is good enough.

Question: Should I buy a private or a shared key?

Answer: If you have a private key, you will obtain just one and you can distribute it to all users who will use it. If you have a shared key you will put it on just one place (Keystore Manager produced by Sparx Systems) and you have to have as many licence keys as you have users using the add-in in one time (you will obtain such licence keys in demanded amount for price of one licence). Please be aware of error in Keystore Manager: the shared keys are working just in case you run it as a Windows service.

Question: I want a new functionality. What should I do?

Answer: Just describe it and contact us. We will evaluate it and if we find it useful we will implement it.

Question: I want the add-in to be able to do ... that Atlassian Jira does.

Answer: Cheeky EA Connector for Jira is not designated to replace Jira Web GUI, but to provide functionality that Jira doesn't; functionality that helps users such as analytics, designers, programmers or testers doing their tasks more efficient. On the other hand, special build has already been made for a company that needed to duplicate small  part of Jira GUI, which means you shouldn't hesitate to ask us.