Connect Sparx Enterprise Architect with Atlassian Jira world of stories!

Sparx Enterprise Architect is popular modelling tool. It can help you with the project delivery from the beginning till the end. And at the beginning of such a project are requirements, use cases or – in case of SCRUM – user stories.

Sparx EA knows requirements and use cases but knows nothing about user stories. Until now. Using our add-in named Cheeky EA Connector for Jira will make your life easier.

The main benefits of the add-in are:

  • Synchronizing user stories (or more precisely Jira issues) from Jira to Sparx EA.
  • A lot of metadata of issues are stored together with the issue in Sparx EA repository.
  • Getting synchronized again, current elements in EA are just updated, not replaced.
  • Set of issues that you want to have in EA is defined by JQL.
  • Elements (Jira issues) can be placed on diagrams and connected (typically with realization relationship) with other elements in the model. When synchronizing again, no such relationships are deleted!
  • You can track changes between particular synchronization (using baselines in EA).
  • You can see the synchronized issues without being connected to Jira.
  • Login to Jira can be direct or done by using OpenAM.

Do you want to try it for 30 days? Just download installation file and go ahead.