Is EA not working properly? Don’t you know which licence type fits you best? Would you like to start using cloud storage for you repostiories? Do you need some advice on setting up the tool? We can help you with all issues mentioned above and much more.

Benefits of the application support

  • Help with choosing the right edition and corresponding licence
  • Help with instalation and settings of the application
  • Help with instalation and support of repositories (usually .EAP file or database repository)
  • Instalation and maintanance of version control (SVN)
  • Add-ins consultations
  • If the problem would be on the product side, we will contact Sparx Systems to help with the solution.

What application support doesn’t cover

  • How to use UML or other modelling language
  • How to create models properly

For these situation use our trainings.

Support methods

  • via phone
  • by e-mail
  • with Skype
  • with Appear.In
  • Other type of communication channel aggreed with a customer

Support availability and prices

 Almost expressRegularAd-hoc
Service availabilityNo later then next working dayWithin 5 working daysWill be agreed during support order
Hours of support in price85-
1-year subscription8999 CZK5999 CZKFree
Price of additional hour
(counted every 15 commenced minutes)
999 CZK2 499 CZK

Prices are without VAT.

Next conditions:

  • Unused hours will be transfered to the next period if it will be ordered during the current one. Otherwise they will expire.
  • Support availability doesn’t always mean resolving time. The goal is to understand the customer’s needs and then prepare solution in corresponding time (consultation and basic setting is usually done during the phone call, in case of communication with Sparx it could take days).


You can order the application support just now on-line.