Software architecture is missing a common framework as e.g. enterprise architecture has. Despite this, there are methods you can use. One of them is IDesign that focus on volatility in a software solution. The author of IDesign is legendary software architect Juval Lövy, who wrote a book called Righting Software.

Capricorn Pro offers an MDG technology for IDesing for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect users. This MDG technology is ready for creating system design diagrams.

Example diagram using MDG technology for IDesign, taken from Righting Software (Request Tradesman call chains (until matching))

Using MDG Technology in Sparx Enterprise Architect

New diagram dialog

New Diagram dialog


Toolbox for IDesign


In sober fact, we do not install MDG technology. We can use one of the followed ways.

Import to the Repository (model)

  1. Open a repository in Sparx EA, to which you want an MDG technology import.
  2. Open Resources window (in EA 15.1 use Resources button in Configure ribbon).
  3. Use the context menu over the MDG Technologies item and choose Import Technology.
  4. In the newly opened window, enter the full path and name of the MDG technology file (it is one XML file).
  5. Choose Import to Model.
  6. Press OK.
  7. Reopen the repository.
  8. You can start using IDesign MDG technology.

Using in all repositories

  1. Copy a file with the MDG technology into the MDGTechnologies directory in Sparx EA home directory.
  2. Restart Sparx EA.
  3. You can start using IDesign MDG technology.

Jestliže nemáte oprávnění do uvedeného adresáře (případně z jiných důvodů jej chcete mít jinde), pak:

  1. Save MDG technology file anywhere you want to.
  2. Press the Manage-Tech button on Specialize ribbon.
  3. Press the Advanced button.
  4. If there is not the path where your file is, use Add button and insert the path.
  5. Press OK.
  6. Press OK again.
  7. Restart Sparx EA.
  8. You can start using IDesign MDG technology.


It is completely free.

Download MDG technology file

MDG technology file is just an XML file, you can download it here.